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Power and Utilities - Lineman Tools

B & A and the Utility Industry...

...A 60 year old partnership for progress

A major Power company was facing a difficult, costly and time consuming chore of checking the viability of all of its utility poles.    The job required taking core samples and sending them for analysis, using large amounts of time and labor, and adding considerable cost.  Instead the company turned to B & A.


Another major utility company was converting its power pole use from wood to fiberglass in order to deal with the issues of insect infiltration and deterioration due to weather conditions.  This created a need to cut enormous numbers of holes in the cross arms and poles in a material that is tough to cut into and generally caused splintering problems.  They too turned to B & A to solve their problems.

Fuse Barrel Reamer - Utility Power Tools

Almost every utility company is constantly faced with the need to replace fuses on poles as they overload from outages caused by severe weather.  This requires a lineman to go to the fuse barrel on each pole, remove the fuse barrel which has been coated with carbon dust from the blown fuse, and replace it with a new fuse barrel and fuse.  Assuming the lineman has sufficient fuse barrels to make this replacement, it is still a time consuming and expensive repair to get electric power restored.  B & A responding to this need developed the Fuse Barrel Reamer.  A tool specifically designed to clear the blown fuse from the barrel without removing it and allow for the installation of a new fuse immediately....dramatically speeding up the power restoration process and reducing costs.

It's from reacting to situations like these that B & A has become the most specified manufacturer of carbide tipped drill bits in the Utility Industry today.  Manufactured in the United States with a reputation for quality, durability and an almost non-existent return rate,  B & A drill bits GET THE JOB DONE  
Eliminator self feeding wood auger drill bits - carbide tipped drill bits
B & A 's patented Eliminator drill bit serves two vital roles in the utility industry.

First, equipped with a general purpose lead screw, the Eliminator was designed to bore holes in any type of wood quickly and easily and maintain its sharpened carbide cutting tip longer than any other bit in the market today.  The Eliminator produces an extremely smooth hole leaving little or no residue.  For true economy, the Eliminator can be sharpened or completely rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of a new bit. 

Second, the Eliminator can be configured to become a repaid and accurate testing device for the viability of wooden utility poles.  Produced with a lead screw to match the specific wood pole, the drill is started at a 45 degree angle near the base of the pole.   If the pole has interior wear or rot, the drill bit will begin to "spin" indicating that the pole needs to be replaced.  This test replaces the far more costly and time consuming current procedure of taking a core sample from the pole and waiting for an analysis of the core material.

Penetrator self feeding wood auger drill bits - carbide tipped drill bits

Milled from a solid bar of the highest grade steel, the Penetrator will drill faster than ordinary steel auger bits.  The Penetrator was designed for use with high torque and high RPM levels generated by the most powerful impact wrenches and drill motors.  It will also function well in heavy duty electric, pneumatic and gas powered drills.


The FIREBALL is a general purpose, medium to heavy-duty, carbide tipped, wood boring drill bit.  It's milled from a single piece of steel creating a solid center and a truly unique flute design.  This combination enables it to out perform and outlast any ordinary steel auger bit.  The Fireball features a patented double spur, carbide tip configuration and proven power auger flute design.  This design produces numerous straight holes and is self-feeding. 


Designed specifically for drilling through hollow core utility poles made from fiberglass, resin and / or composite materials.  Made with a short flute and solid body configuration, enabling the lineman to easily drill both holes in the fiberglass / resin / composite walls.

fiberglass drill bits - pole drill bits

Designed specifically for drilling through solid / foam filled core utility poles and cross arms made from fiberglass, resin, and / or composite materials.  Made with a full flute and solid body configuration, enabling the lineman to easily drill through the fiberglass / resin / composite pole.  The full fluting allows this bit to remove debris from the hole without melting it.

rebar cutter - sds plus rebar cutter - rotary only - carbide tipped drill bits - masonry drill bits
rebar cutter - sds plus rebar cutter - rotary only - carbide tipped drill bits - masonry drill bits rebar cutter - sds plus rebar cutter - rotary only - carbide tipped drill bits - masonry drill bits rebar cutter - sds plus rebar cutter - rotary only - carbide tipped drill bits - masonry drill bits

The B & A Rebar Cutter is an easy method for drilling through embedded rebar and the surrounding concrete.  The B & A Rebar Cutter can be used in a 1/2" drill motor equipped with a 3 Jawed Chuck or directly in a hammer drill using the B & A ROtary Chuck Driver Adapter .  The B & A Rebar Cutter can be used in any 1/2" capacity or larger drill motor equipped with a three jaw chuck and a rated no load speed of 400 RPM to 1200 RPM.  This includes most combination hammer drills, but when using a combination hammer drill the selector switch must be in the rotary only position!  The B & A Rebar Cutter can be used in a Spline Drive Hammer Drill, a SDS MAX Hammer Drill, or SDS PLUS Hammer Drill by utilizing the B & A Rotary Chuck Driver.


The Rotary Chuck Driver enables any Spline, SDS MAX , or SDS PLUS hammer drill to be able to use any rotary drilling accessories.  The Rotary Chuck Driver incorporates a versatile shank system that features a heavy duty 1/2" keyless chuck.


The shank of the Rotary Chuck Driver has been designed to prevent the anvil of the Spline, SDS MAX or SDS PLUS from striking the end of the Rotary Chuck Driver .  This effectively, by passes hammer / percussion action of the hammer drill, but allows for full rotary action and full torque to be transmitted to the Rotary Chuck Driver and any tool installed in it.


When encountering applications requiring core drill bits to drill through multiple layers of materials stacked together, such as wood, steel, concrete, rebar, and a host of other material combinations, diamond drill bits performance can be hindered or completely prohibited.  The Best & Available alternative is the B & A Wet / Dry Carbide Tipped Core Drill Bits.  Designed to solve these difficult jobs encountered by the drill professional.  Designed for use in a drill rig, the B & A Plate Cutter is the ideal choice when a combination of concrete and steel is being drilled.  Steel plate, embedded rebar, or even wire mesh, are not a problem for the B & A Plate Cutter.  This series can be used wet with a small amount of water or even dry.  The Plate Cutter can be completely rebuilt and unlike fragile diamond drills, the Plate Cutter will withstand rough usage.  Not All Diameters are nominal; exact tolerances upon request.

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